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Highest Crypto Staking Interest Rate In The Market- W43-2021

Crypto traders, including Education Ecosystem members, would want to stake their crypto assets. Before heading to exchanges, it is best practice to do due diligence to compare crypto staking rates.

To make choosing crypto staking platforms a bit easy, we publish weekly crypto staking interest rates where we compare the top crypto staking assets and interest rates of the top four crypto staking platforms. Crypto staking comes with varying interest rates, including flexible and fixed interest rates.

An interest is flexible when it can be withdrawn at any time without penalty. Flexible interest rates are suitable for crypto traders who want access to funds anytime. However, the flexibility comes with a lower interest rate than the locked or fixed interest rate. Unlike the flexible interest account type, crypto traders who subscribe to locked interest rates must lock their crypto for a specific period, similar to the Ethereum 2.0 staking type. Subscribers are therefore compensated with higher interest rates, called APY, than the flexible counterpart.

Week 43, 2021 Top Crypto Staking Interest Rate

Below are the top crypto staking interest rates for week 43, 2021.

Crypto Staking Fixed Interest Rates

10/25 Binance Everstake Huobi Coinbase Crypto.com
BTC 2.48-2.88% 3.00-8.50%
ETH 8.00% 4.50% 4.50-8.50%
BNB 5.85-8.69% 1.00-5.00%
ADA 5.09-8.38% 5.30% 1.00-5.00%
SOL 9.20-11.50% 7.00%
DOT 11.51-16.62% 15.00% 4.00% 8.00-14.50%
DOGE 2.00% 1.00-5.00%
LUNA 3.85-5.54% 4.00%
SHIB 3.67-5.25% 1.00-5.00%
UNI 1.00-5.00%
LINK 1.00-5.00%
AVAX 7.91-13.47%
LTC 1.00-5.00%
ALGO 7.91-14.47% 4.00% 1.00-5.00%
BCH 1.00-5.00%

Crypto Staking Flexible Interest Rates

10/25 Binance Gemini Huobi Kraken Crypto.com
BTC 2.12% 1.49% 1.32% 0.25% 1.5-2.00%
ETH 1.73% 2.05% 1.02% 5-7.00% 3.5-4.50%
BNB 5.23% 0.5-1.00%
ADA 0.72% 4-6.00% 0.5-1.00%
SOL 1.00% 6.50%
XRP 0.95%
DOT 1.00% 12.00% 6-8.00%
DOGE 3.78% 1.00% 0.5-1.00%
LUNA 4.52% 2.00%
SHIB 2.00%
UNI 3.01% 0.82% 0.5-1.00%
LINK 2.39% 1.35% 0.24% 0.5-1.00%
AVAX 0.75%
LTC 2.77% 0.38% 0.5-1.00%
ALGO 1.20% 0.5-1.00%
BCH 4.29% 0.5-1.00%


This article compares the week 43 top crypto staking interest rates offering of the top crypto platforms. It will help crypto traders including, Education Ecosystem members, to take profit off crypto assets.

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