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Quality of Projects Checklist

Standards will help to ensure consistency. The subscribers of the site deserve consistent, quality, educational content. They pay to learn something. Research shows that people learn best when the instructor highlights or brings to attention the task to the subscriber while demonstrating or teaching. There is a need to explain the reasons specific things are being taught (e.g., certain commands, functions, operations, etc.).

As part of ensuring quality over quantity, you should be talking about where you are on screen, what you’re doing and why. You need to guide the subscriber through the process consistently. Keep talking about what you’re doing. Be clear, no mumbling, and keep any music at a reasonable volume. Keep your actions on screen to a reasonable pace. Slow down a bit and explain.

For you to build a good reputation, you need to be consistent with the quality of your projects. Use this checklist to help in developing quality projects your users will love.

General Criteria for all Premium ProjectsYN
Clear, focused use of the screen.
Code, text and other objects on screen have good contrast with the background. Bright colors on a dark background or vice versa.
If the webcam is in use, it should be clear and focused on the creator.
Audio is clear, and the Project Creator can be heard.
Tutorial overview information is accurate and complete, to include a brief description, requirements, and the target audience.
Curriculum information has a complete description of each session, to include what the tasks are within the session.
The curriculum is organized correctly. The right tasks are completed before moving onto other tasks.
Spelling and grammar have been checked.
Splash card at Intro and at the start of main tasks within a session.
Gives a brief intro for each session to talk about what has happened already and what the session is going to go over.
Gives brief summary at the end.
Project sessions are complete- (focuses on the main task) and is at least 30 minutes or more in length and no longer than 1 hour and 30 min.
Readme file explaining the project files.________
Engaging and EducationalYN
Acknowledging subscribers questions.
Works out loud (provides their thoughts/decisions as they occur, gives tips, concepts or rules to follow for completing difficult areas), so subscribers understand why they do tasks a certain way.
Highlights and explain their moves and actions as they’re doing it the majority of the time so that subscribers can see where they are at.
Completes actions and tasks at a reasonable pace so subscribers can follow.
Provide questions every now and then to get feedback from subscribers on what they think about your techniques, or perhaps on how they may have done something similar in the past.
Points out common areas where mistakes can be made.
No major distractions ( answering phone, chatting to people not connected with watching the project, etc..)
Q&A sessions are given, and quality feedback is provided to subscribers.______
Additional Criteria for Live StreamsYN
The stream is clear.______
Specific Criteria for CategoriesYN
Technically accurate content.______
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